Tuica si Palinca Premium

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CELAR - Distilerie Traditionala Premium TUICA A refined beverage with 700 ml 50% vol.alc. 100% natural double-distilled Celar Tuica/Palinca Premium dublu distilata 50% alc. 700ml senses of authentic drink lovers. a fine plum flavor that delights the CELAR- Distilerie Transilvania Tuica 700 ml 40% vol. alc. 100% natural double-distilled Celar - Tuica 40% conc.alc. 700ml Flavourful, strong, made from carefully chosen aromatic plums. Celar - Tuica 32% conc.alc. 700ml Tuica 700 ml 32% vol.alc. 100% natural artisanal beverage Particularly appreciated for its rich, strong plum flavour. Renowned for its power to bring friends together.