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``The story of the CELAR brand``

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“Where a mountain valley lies, beautiful as Paradise”, like most childhood stories, this is how the story of our distillery begins. Right at the foot of Arges county, on the border with Dambovita, a commune rises, that appears on the map of Wallachia since 1700 with the name of “Rich”.

It is the place where I once grew up, wandering its lands and, later, it would become the place where Celar was born.

In 2018, in a more fruitful year than we had been given until then, we consulted in the family and decided that the time had come to turn our older wish into reality. We made, therefore, the decision to lay the foundations of a distillery according to our own standards, wanting from the very beginning to concentrate the tradition and richness of the place in a finished product that would take our story further, to abroad.

“Celar – on the border between tradition and modern”

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We can say that Celar is a perfect fusion of old and new.

Two worlds that bring together the authenticity and experience of entire generations together with the rigorous production standards of the present, make Celar de Bogati a brand of premium distillates.

From an etymological point of view, “celar” is an archaism synonymous with “cellar”.

As we all know, the cellar is the place where the housekeepers gather the pieces they worked for all year; it is a symbol of diligence, prudence and wealth, basic features of our forefathers that we want to perpetuate.

We wanted to pay special attention to each detail, that’s why we opted for quality glass with a robust design and an elegant label with embossed elements.

The logo is not chosen at random either. It embodies an owl stylized by a local artist, the owl being a bird of prey, often found near cellars on rodent hunting and is a symbol of wisdom, consolidating the image of a trusted brand.

The historical dimension we offer to our brand makes us responsible for passing on the ancient tradition and customs. It is also our way of instilling in young people interest and love for products made in Romania.

Benefiting from the support of a specialist we managed to integrate Celar distillates in aromatic cocktail recipes, wanting us to become the main choice of young people eager to try new drinks, starting from traditional Romanian products.

“Celar – a brand of premium beverages”

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Strictly respecting production standards, Celar de Bogati is a brand of premium distillates that meets the most demanding requirements.

Even in one of the household annexes we built our dream, investing the recipe we have kept for generations, the passion for distillates and most importantly – safe and quality equipment, at European standards.

Sticla 700ml cu Rachiu Gutuie 50% alc. CELAR

Our products (Tuica /Plum brandy 32% vol. alc., Tuica/Plum brandy 40% vol. alc. and Brandy  50% vol. alc.) are obtained by distilling plum borhot and aged in acacia wood, and the distillation is done in an alembic boiler made of 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.

We use plums obtained in our own orchard that stretches over 3.5 ha, with the satisfaction of promoting 100% natural products, without added sugar or synthetic products.

We respect the tradition that is passed down from generation to generation and we want to keep alive the local fruit growing and the craft of fruit distillation through our efforts.

“One good turn deserves another”

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Today we carefully bottle, through a manual process, the products for which we were appreciated and awarded a bronze medal in the “London Spirits Competition 2020”.

The greatest satisfaction remains, however, that of offering on the market artisanal distillates that meet all the characteristics of some premium products, from the packaging to the quality of the ingredients used.

Ruled by authenticity, Celar is a brand with a modern approach, oriented towards the current preferences of consumers of fine drinks.

We invite you to explore the PRODUCTS section of the site and get acquainted with our artisanal distillates.

We want that through the products we sell, to be with you in the most important moments that require the worship of a glass of a strong drink according to the original recipe, family heritage.

With gratitude,

         Celar familly